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British Music Experience

I went to the British Music Experience at the O2 yesterday afternoon.

It’s a museum documenting the rise of popular music from the 50s to the present day, and has a great display of original hand written lyrics, stage outfits from Petula Clark and Mick Jagger (to name a few) and other musical paraphernalia.

The place is really interactive, allowing you to learn how to play various musical instruments (I was taken back a few years by taking a drum lesson, which was quite fun considering I’ve not picked up a pair of sticks for about 7 years) and my friends and I had a good time playing on Beatles Rock Band.

Being a museum, there are obviously historical elements to the place, and you can learn about the different styles of music that have emerged over the decades, while songs of the era play out in each of the different rooms.

Virtual Karaoke

Your ticket can be used to access a lot of the interactive stuff, and you can save various things via the barcode, where you can access it later.  So if you want to hear a ‘fabulous’ rendition of Girls Aloud’s ‘Sound of the Underground’ when you’re back at home (*ahem*) you can get it off the BME website via a special code on your ticket.

The museum is quite interesting if you’re a music geek, like me.  But it’s probably more interesting for kids, because of the interactivity.  You could probably get round the place in about an hour and a half if you didn’t stop to play on all the instruments like we did, so for £15 it might not be the best value.

Still, if you go in the next week or two, here’s a good tip: Sky have a booth near the entrance to the O2, where they’re doing a promotion on their new 3D channel.  If you pop in there for 5 minutes, they’re giving away a 2 for 1 ticket to the BME.

Tickets: Adults £15, students/concessions £12

Nearest Tube: North Greenwich (Jubilee Line)

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Mamma Mia!

The O2 is hosting a screening of Mamma Mia this weekend.

A sing-a-long version of the film will be shown on Sunday, January 24 on a specially made 100ft screen.

There are two screenings – 2:30pm and 6:30pm.

Tickets are £18 and can be bought from here, but those generous folk at the Evening Standard are doing a 2 for 1 ticket deal, which you can have a look at here (you have to sign up/register to the website in order to access this)

Fancy dress is welcomed, but optional!

Nearest Tube: North Greenwich (Jubilee Line)

You can also take the Thames Clipper to the O2.  For other modes of transport, click here.

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