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Liz McClarnon: Liverpool and London Lovely

Liz McClarnon is a busy lady. Not only is she currently presenting BBC 3’s ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’, but she’s also in the studio recording new material, as well as rehearsing for her upcoming role in The  War of The Worlds Tour alongside X Factor’s Rhydian and Jason Donovan in November (check out her website for more details).

On top of all that, Liz regularly writes a blog, and stays in touch with fans on Twitter (find her @LizMcClarnon).  Somehow, she found time in her hectic schedule to do a quick Q&A with me:

Printed with permission from Belta CM

LondonLovelies: Congrats on Hotter Than My Daughter.  How did that project come about?

Liz McClarnon: Endemol just gave us a ring and said we need someone to come across quite friendly…and apparently that was me.  I met the executive producers and it we all just clicked.

LL: Do you have the same problem with your mum? I noticed a picture of the two of you on the wall in the studio!

LM: There are definitely no crossing of boundaries with me and my mum! She’s definitely the mum and I’m the daughter.  We DO go out together and she is VERY attractive but she would never let me see her chatting to a guy – she thinks we should keep those parts of our life separate…

LL: You’re doing quite a lot of things to do with body image at the moment, which has even extended to food now.  You’ve got your cookbook coming out shortly, what can we expect from that?

LM: You can expect to almost go through the journey that I went through on Master Chef. If you’ve never cooked before or you don’t know what to do or if you just need some ideas…just take a look at it.  I’ll have a TV show soon based on the same thing.

LL: Do you find it a conscious decision to eat healthily and cook ‘real’ food?

LM: Not really to eat healthily just to KNOW what’s in my food! (Ready-made food)

LL: What’s your favourite dish to cook?

Liz at this year's Universal Brits party (printed with permission from Belta CM)

LM: At the moment, anything fast and a bit fraught.  I don’t have much time to cook at home at the minute

LL: Do you feel under pressure to conform to the slim image that the media promotes?

LM: Yes and no…I want to be confident on stage or on TV, and if I feel big or constricted in clothes (when my normal size doesn’t fit me) I’m not that confident!  BUT, and that is a big “but” (excuse the pun) I could never end up with an eating disorder as it’s just not that important to me – I love food far too much!

LL: You’re in the studio at the moment recording new material, so how do you find time to look after yourself?

LM: I enjoy the little things that we sometimes don’t take as that important; sitting down with a hair treatment on and painting my nails or going out to get a manicure…I’ll go to the Virgin Active across the road and do a keep fit class.  I have such a laugh!

LL: What can we expect from the new album?

LM: Pop!!! I just love pop! And being heavily involved in writing for the Kitten’s albums and doing singles your fans expect that feel good vibe…I have a HUGE producer working on my stuff! I’m so bloody excited!

LL: You’ve got a really hectic schedule at the moment; what do you do to relax?

LM: I head straight for the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden! That’s the only place in the centre of London you can chill for me.  They have a room where you just sit (like a Roman bath house) with a mini bridge over a pond with Koi carp in. It’s warm and there are NO MEN ALLOWED!

LL: Can you recommend anything to the LondonLovelies audience that we should go and check out?

LM: There’s a street in South Kensington called Bute Street and a lot of French go there…there’s a restaurant that is FULL of French peeps chatting away…it’s called Chais Nous and if you want “authentic” French food e.g. frogs legs cooked perfectly…go there! You feel like you could be in the middle of Paris.

LL: What would a perfect day off in the city involve?

LM: This is the city to shop in – so it’d be rude not to! Haha!

So there you have it – pop, pampering and Parisian chic, a perfect combination if you ask me.

You can watch Liz on ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’ on BBC iPlayer, or head to her website for more details on The War of The Worlds Tour – or even a recipe or two from Liz’s own collection.

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