The Boat Race

If outdoor activities are your thing – along with men in boats – head down to Putney tomorrow for the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge.

The race has been going for years, so if you’re game, make sure you get down there early as you’ll be in the company of around 250,000 other people vying for a good viewing spot!

The race happens on Saturday, April 3rd, and runs from Putney to Mortlake.  You can try to position yourself along the banks of the river, or there are big screens at Bishop’s Park and Furnival Gardens. If you’re heading to one of the parks, the events kick off at 12 noon.

Otherwise, the main event starts at 4:30pm and lasts 15-20 minutes.  So be quick, or you might miss it!

Nearest Tube: Putney (for the start) or Kew Gardens/Mortlake Rail Station for the end


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