The Monopoly Bar Crawl

As tweeted over the weekend (find me at @londonlovelies if you haven’t already), I took part in a Monopoly themed bar crawl on Saturday.

Bar 8: St. Pancras

As the title suggests, the aim is to visit a bar located in each of the places on a Monopoly board game, so the crawl started on Old Kent Road, for the hardcore that started early, that is.

I happened to join at Bar 8 (I think), which was St. Pancras.

We then moved on to Euston, and Marylebone, where we had a fuel stop and watched the rugby for a bit.

Whilst we were there, the birthday boy handed out property cards, which we chose at random and meant we had to do a forfeit at that particular bar.

The Route

The forfeits came from another member of the party who had come dressed as Chance, complete with laminated cards.

Most, but not all, were drinking related.  From Marylebone we headed to Mayfair, where the ones who made it (some of us got lost and/or separated en route) enjoyed (?!) £10 cocktails, before the group…regrouped…on Park Lane.

The crawl continued on – I left at Whitehall – until the wee small hours, but unfortunately it stopped a bit short of the 26 stops.

Fancy Dress Encouraged

Of course, fancy dress was encouraged.  We had people representing the boot, some sailors from the battleship, a top hat, the aforementioned Chance, and I went as a dog walker (the toy dog nodded it’s head and wagged it’s tail and everything)

Other details you might like to add to your own crawl are certificates that show how far along the crawl you are (see picture below).

The dog looks over the 'progress' certificate

Of course, you don’t really need to do this as a bar crawl.  It could be a fun (and much cheaper) day out just seeing some of the sights that are around the city.  Most of the major tourist attractions are covered along the way (for those not familiar with the London board, they include Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus, to name a few) –  perfect for exploring.


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