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Car Bootiful

Some of the wares on sale

Despite the news that we’re tentatively out of the recession, I can safely say that I’m still watching my pennies.

So, at the weekend, I went to a car boot sale.  Now, I haven’t been to a car boot sale since I was about 12, and have distant memories of doughnut vans, cheap white plastic trainers and second hand clothes.

Not much has changed.

But, the car boot sale at Battersea Technology College was actually a great day out.  There were no white plastic trainers, or indeed doughnut vans (although there was a burger stall) to be found, but still many second hand clothes stalls, lots of bric-a-brac and some nice stalls selling sari material.

I like rummaging around in markets, so it was fun to do the same in a slightly different setting.  Not only that, but I’m not that familiar with Battersea so it was good to explore the area a bit.

Treasure Hunt

Battersea Car Boot Sale

My treasure hunt partner was Michael, who found a very fetching pair of furry animal print trousers – a snip at £20 – but sadly they didn’t fit well enough so we had to leave them behind.

A stall selling beautiful sari material caught my eye, but I decided that although the material I wanted was only £10, I knew my impulse purchase would probably sit in my wardrobe without being looked at for a long time.

The fancy trousers had to be left behind, much to our dismay

Finally, after a couple of hours wandering around, we both settled on DVDs.  I ended up with a kids TV compilation for a bargainous £2, whilst Michael opted for a Thundercats box set (£5) and some DangerMouse DVDs (£1 each).

There are a number of car boot sales around London, and Time Out has a good list of others to check out. Please note that this list was published in 2008 so check times and dates out before you go to make sure they’re correct.

Stuff you should know: Battersea car boot sale is on every Sunday at Battersea Technical College (Battersea Park Road) from 1:30pm-5pm.  It costs 50p to enter.

Nearest Tube: Vauxhall, then get the 344 bus to Battersea School.  You can also get there from Queenstown Road or Battersea Rail Stations.


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