Escape To…

Every so often, London gets a bit too much.

The noise, the tube delays, all the people….what to do?

In a new feature to the blog, I will doing ‘Escape to’ articles on cheap getaways.

A Very Big House in the Country

So, in the first edition, we’ll be visiting the inevitable, sometimes dreaded, trip home.

This weekend I headed out to the West Midlands to visit family and endured home cooked food, peace and quiet and the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.  It was a tough weekend.

For the small cost of the train or bus fare (or petrol if you’re lucky enough to have a car), you can be back en famille before you know it.

No money, No Problems

The best thing about going home for the weekend is that generally, you don’t have to spend anything.

In my experience, once the travel costs are out of the way, you don’t have to get your wallet out much, other than a few drinks down the pub maybe.

This weekend I was greeted by home cooked lasagne almost as soon as I walked through the door.  Saturday saw me head out into town for some window shopping, which then turned into actual shopping, but when I tried to pick the bill up my mother insisted she pay  (we were in Primark so I didn’t worry too much).

On Saturday evening we headed over to a neighbouring village for a meal.  My brother-in-law refused any money from me, and we then found ourselves in a comedy taxi ride home, where the taxi that turned up couldn’t accommodate us all, resulting in us being driven home in a van! Again, I got out of paying that one.

Priceless Benefits

Ok, so escaping London for the cheapness of home is not the only reason to go.  Nowhere is as polluted as London, so even if you head home to another city, it’s likely that the air will be cleaner.  There will be more space, probably more greenery and best of all you get to spend quality time with the family.

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  1. Maggie

    What about the traditional Sunday roast with Aunt Bessies?

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