Wallace and Gromit & Diwali

This weekend I headed off to The Illustration Cupboard on Bury St (nearest Tube: Green Park) to check out some of the original illustrations from Wallace and Gromit over the last 20 years.

I was expecting the place to be a large art gallery, but it’s actually quite small and only really took about 15 minutes to look around.  There weren’t as many pictures as I was expecting, but I’ve mentioned it a) because if you like Wallace and Gromit it’s worth a look, and b) if you’re in the area and want something free to do for a few minutes it is actually quite a nice place to go into. Also, it was FREE!

The Wallace and Gromit exhibition is on until October 24, but there are other illustrations on display (including Miffy and Clarice Bean), as well as children’s books to purchase.


The other, probably more interesting thing I did this weekend was visit Wembley for the Brent Diwali festival – if anyone saw my last post and decided to go, I’d love to know what you thought.

The festival was great and had a great community feel to it.  There were thousands of people lined up along Ealing Road to watch the very colourful parade, which included floats, dancers and drummers.  The ladies were dressed up to the nines in fancy costumes and beautiful saris.

The parade concluded in Barham Park with a fireworks display and laser show, which was very impressive.  The fireworks went on for around 20 minutes and were pretty spectacular.  There was also a fairground so I went to have a look at that.  The rides were reasonably priced – my friend and I had a go on the ghost train for a mere £2 (although my friend was not impressed with it even at that price).

As we were waiting for the parade to get started we got a bit peckish, so wandered around the shops on Ealing Road to get a few samosas etc.  I got 2 samosas, a spring roll and an onion baji (and a drink) for less than £3 – a total bargain.

Also, if any of you are looking for any sort of cookware, lots of the Asian shops are having sales on for the festival.  We saw huge cooking pans for under £5, amongst other things.

Next week I have a pretty busy weekend planned – including wine tasting and secret bingo! – so check back then for more cheap and interesting things to do…

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