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Welcome to LondonLovelies

Welcome to my new blog, LondonLovelies. Being a native, but having just lived in New York for a year, I decided that returning to the UK and moving to London should reflect my time in the US.

An intern on a small budget, I looked to Time Out and New York Magazine, Daily Candy and Sheckys.com to help me find cheap, free and interesting things to fill my time in the evenings and weekends. Of course, being in the City That Never Sleeps, there were far more things to do there than I ever would have been able to experience, but it did inspire me to try and embark on a similar scheme once I knew I was moving to London.

Now a student, and trying to fit in with my new recessionista lifestyle, I want to try out as many different things in the city as possible. Be it clubs and pubs to exploring a new area and rummaging around market stalls, bingo nights to bookclubs, I want to try it all. All on a budget.

So here’s my challenge to you: if there’s something going on that you think is worth a mention, let me know in advance. If I can make it, I’ll come and try it out. You get promotion, and I get some writing practice. Everyone’s a winner.

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